Computer forensics

Computer Forensics is a science with investigation techniques and specialized methods used to identify data on computing devices, whether present or past, even recovering deleted information.

  • Recovering deleted data or data that is still present in mobile phones: It is one of the most requested services. It allows us to recover, locked or deleted information (accidentally or intentionally) out of mobile phones:
    1. Text messages.
    2. WhatsApp and other instant messaging applications.
    3. Call Log.
    4. Contacts.
    5. Mail Apps.
    6. Social network applications.
    7. Photos and videos.
    8. Notes.
    9. History of visited web pages.
    10. GPS device positions.
  • Computer data recovery, tablets, PDA …
  • Data recovery from USB flash drives, hard drives…
  • Intrusion detection on a computer.
  • Use of computers in the workplace.
  • Detection and identification of sabotage attempts.
  • Protection of computer systems.
  • Detect leaks of information in companies.
  • Computer security audit.
  • Development of security software.

It is important not to manipulate the devices that will be analyzed. We have private investigators graduated in computer science and computer forensic experts, which, in this type of investigations, allow us to carry out a suitable report in the courts, that can be ratified by our computer experts.

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