GPS trackers

mapa recorridoGPS Trackers

In Culmas Detectives we possess GPS trackers that allow us to monitor vehicles and goods in real time… can see their current location and routes taken.

We have the leading market tracker devices, all of them can be placed temporarily (do not require installation, long battery life, placed in a few seconds) or installed on the vehicle permanently (hidden, powered by the vehicle internal battery).

We have a simple online platform with which you can see all movements from any device (mobile phone, computer, tablet …).

GPS trackers have an extensive utility: company vehicle control, theft protection, merchandise control, permanent control of family vehicles, children, elderly…

The advantages offered by these devices in an investigation are:

  • Prevents loss of the investigated while following them.
  • Minimizes the possibility of being detected during the investigation, as we will be at a greater distance tracking the objetive.
  • We can get the routines of the person under investigation.
  • In low traffic zones or rural areas, can continue to monitor the objetive effectively and discreetly.
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