Use of the family home

Use of the family home

Sentence of the Supreme Court to analyze if the spouse who has the enjoyment of the family home lives with his current partner.

The Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court has handed down judgment No. 641/2018 of November 20, 2018, which has established that the parent will lose the right to enjoy the family home if the current couple lives at home.

The justification of the sentence is summarized by the fact that when a third person enters the house, it causes the house to lose the nature that it had as a family home, by now serving a different family member.

The detective’s job in this case is to investigate who are the ones that make up the family unit. Subsequently, it will be investigated who is currently occupying the house and if it is true that the couple of the parent has come to live there. The private detective is the only one authorized to carry out this investigation and provide the necessary evidence as images, which corroborate the existence of this new family unit. And so therefore lose the right to use the home by the parent defendant.

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